Jackets, sweatshirts, vests, raincoats

Jackets, sweatshirts, jackets and capes are among the main marketing options in case of colder or rainy weather along with shirts, T-shirts and polo shirts are among the core of our production.
In addition to purely promotional uses produce this assortment in a version of work clothes, which are taken into account the increased security, protecting property or other client requirements such as anti-reflective belts, bags of special dimensions, special grips, shape and form.

Whether it is clothing for employees based on corporate identity and gifts for your customers, Cottonworks the partner to whom you can always turn to.

  • Material: cotton, organic cotton, cotton, Ringspun cotton, polyester, polycotton (a mixture of cotton and polyester) viscose, terry, jersey, fleece, micro fleece, compound material with added spandex, viscose, spandex, lycra
  • Substance colors: Pantone staining

Options of imprint

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most widely used textile printing technology with direct solo paints or CMYK growth paints, according to Pantone international sampler. For one theme, we can provide up to 8 colors. Its advantage is the high viscosity of color deposition, color consistency and long service life.

Graphics should be provided as a vector in curves or as a bitmap image.


With this technology, the motive is printed by screen printing on portable paper, and then the theme is transferred by means of a thermal press to the textile. As with classic screen printing, it is possible to print up to 8 colors.

Graphics should be provided as a vector in curves or as a bitmap image.


With this technology, it is possible to embroider multicolored motifs, up to 8 colors, almost on any textile product that can be clipped into the embroidery machine. The high quality of the used threads guarantees a long service life and high temperature resistance.

Graphical backgrounds need to be supplied as a vector in curves. The material supplied as a bitmap image can not be embossed.


Sublimation is used to print full motifs. The motive is high-resolution with special colors on the sublimation paper and then transferred using a special textile transfer press. Only 100% polyester is suppressed. Sublimation is characterized by high brilliant printing, bright colors and long durability.

Graphics can be supplied as a vector in curves or as a bitmap image.


Textile application means either a patch that is produced as a separate motif for a reinforced fabric using a embroidery machine and the product is sewn or we can use a silicone motif that is molded, has a 3D dimension and can be glued or glued to the product. Both technologies are highly effective, interesting and durable. The embroidery pattern can be up to 8 colors and a maximum of 3 colors for silicone.

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