Advertising, sports, functional and children’s textiles

Are you preparing a promo or sporting action you want to present? In that case we will produce textiles according to the design.

Branding is a matter of course. We produce all kinds of tailor-made promotional textiles, such as shirts, shirts, polo shirts, jerseys, jerseys, jackets, softshells, sweatshirts, caps, hats, caps, scarves, bags …

From children’s textiles are the most common t-shirts, caps, hats, hats, body, bibs, overalls, hooded tops and others.

We accept orders from 100 pieces up to serial production of 1 million pieces.

Business, managerial and other corporate textiles

Do you need to dress your employees according to corporate identity? We will produce garments for your employees, as well as for managers, according to your expectations. We produce high quality and durable garments in order to increase their service life. We also look for meaningful details such as pocket size pockets, tablets, work tools or safety features that can protect workers in dangerous situations. These are shirts, trousers, knitted pullovers and vests, sweaters, uniforms, jean overalls, sweatshirts, vests, safety reflective vests, t-shirts, jackets, coats, aprons, gastro, medical and hotel clothes …

We accept orders from 100 units to serial production up to 1 million units.

Hotel and hospital textiles

In the manufacture of hotel and hospital textiles, we pay particular attention to the hygienic and mechanical properties of selected materials and cuts.

Other textiles and accessories

As a promotion for promotional and working textiles, or as gifts, we produce various textiles accessories:

We understand that our products will be daily used, strained, washed and ironed. Their long service life and health are our priority. Our products can be found in international hotels and hospitals all over the world.
We specialize in the production of: towels, bath towels, dressing gowns, bedclothes, bedclothes, medical jackets and apron, tablecloths and other gastro textiles.

e.g. Bindings, scarves, scarves, but also blankets, swimsuits, shorts, bermudas, sports bags and backpacks, multifunctional scarves, homewear … just transfer your request to us and we will advise you.

We accept orders from 100 units up to serial production up to 1 million units per year.